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Tia Ivanko

National Deaf Center

Tia Ivanko is an educator passionate about addressing inequities in education for learners who are systemically marginalized, particularly deaf individuals. As the co-director and co-principal investigator at the National Deaf Center on postsecondary of NDC, she is committed to finding ways to increase organizational and professional capacity to aptly serve deaf individuals in postsecondary settings. Tia is also certified as an ADA coordinator (ADAC) and a nationally certified sign language interpreter (NIC). She leverages her knowledge of accessibility, professional practices in the interpreting field, and background in deaf education to her work at NDC. She draws upon her extensive professional expertise, community relationships, and personal interest in diversity, inclusion, and equity to promote NDC’s mission of #DeafSuccess.

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Attitudes and Biases as Barriers for Deaf Students

Tia Ivanko |  Diego Guerra
1 hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Aug 15, 2022
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