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Attitudes and Biases as Barriers for Deaf Students

Total Credits: 0.1 CEUs

Tia Ivanko |  Diego Guerra
1 hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Aug 15, 2022


Deaf students face many challenges in achievement and advancement of their postsecondary goals. The National Deaf Center identified negative attitudes and biases as some of biggest barriers that directly affect deaf students. It is also important to note that deaf students with multiple identities, such as race, ethnicity, and additional disabilities may experience additional barriers, especially biases and attitudes. These attitudes and biases are pervasive across the education system and marginalize the experiences of deaf students.

This webinar introduces how biases, attitudes, and social constructs impact educational attainment for deaf students. The webinar allows participants to examine how attitudes and biases result in barriers for deaf students, how preconceived expectations about deaf people’s identities and experiences can limit their education, and how we can take action to create impacts as individuals and as educators.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify one to two examples of negative impacts created by social constructs on the education and employment experiences of deaf people.
  2. Identify at least one example of how an individual’s privilege and bias can contribute to systematic oppression and serve as a barrier for deaf success.  
  3. Identify opportunities to reduce/mitigate attitudinal and bias barriers within personal or professional practices.

Learners will have the option to earn a certificate of attendance or a certificate with CEUs upon completion of the webinar. To earn a certificate with CEUs, the learner must successfully pass the learning assessment with a score of 80% or higher. All learners must complete the webinar evaluation to earn credentials. 

The duration of this webinar is one hour, which equates to 0.1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU).


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National Deaf Center

Tia Ivanko is an educator passionate about addressing inequities in education for learners who are systemically marginalized, particularly deaf individuals. As the co-director and co-principal investigator at the National Deaf Center on postsecondary of NDC, she is committed to finding ways to increase organizational and professional capacity to aptly serve deaf individuals in postsecondary settings. Tia is also certified as an ADA coordinator (ADAC) and a nationally certified sign language interpreter (NIC). She leverages her knowledge of accessibility, professional practices in the interpreting field, and background in deaf education to her work at NDC. She draws upon her extensive professional expertise, community relationships, and personal interest in diversity, inclusion, and equity to promote NDC’s mission of #DeafSuccess.

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National Deaf Center

Diego Guerra is the community engagement coordinator at the National Deaf Center on postsecondary outcomes (NDC). Diego is passionate about community engagement. As the coordinator, Diego is responsible for Engage for Change, a community model that brings people together to promote stronger networks within local communities, which leads to quality access, services, and resources for deaf individuals. Diego holds a bachelor’s degree in history from The University of Texas at Austin.