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Navi Dhaliwal

Research Institute at Dallas College

Navi Dhaliwal seeks to understand education as a pathway for economic opportunity, empowerment, and equity. His research asks which postsecondary programs offer the greatest returns on investment and he studies how financial barriers, educational attainment, and wages differ by demographic group. Navi previously worked as an academic data analyst at Uplift Education, a K-12 school district in North Texas. He also served as a research analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, where his focus was on regional economics and energy. He holds a master's degree in science in economics from the Barcelona School of Economics and a bachelor's degree in mathematical economic analysis and policy studies from Rice University.

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Data Dashboards for Holistic, Collaborative, and Data-Informed Decisions by Faculty, Staff, and Institutional Leadership

Navi Dhaliwal |  McKenna Griffin |  Sayeeda Jamilah |  David Mahan |  Emily Sharma
1 hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
May 04, 2023
$49.00 - Base Price

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