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Start From Scratch: The No-Experience-Needed Boot Camp on Generative AI

Daiju Hoshino
Jan 01, 2024


Whether you’re new to the world of Generative AI or looking to enhance your existing knowledge, this Preconference Seminar is for you! We’ll start off learning about how to get started with ChatGPT. Then, a brief overview of the mechanics of Generative AI is discussed, offering insights into how ChatGPT and similar AI technologies work. We’ll compare popular GenAIs such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, Claude, Bing Chat, and Perplexity. We’ll wrap up with small group discussions to review the potentials and limitations of Generative AI, with an emphasis on sharing ideas and strategies for effectively integrating Generative AI into pedagogy, assignments, and assessments.

By the end of this workshop, learners can:

  • Use ChatGPT, including setup, prompt crafting, and evaluating its response accuracy for various assignments and projects.
  • Develop a fundamental understanding of Generative AI technology, with an emphasis on operational principles, capabilities, and limitations.
  • Analyze different Generative AI platforms and strategize their effective integration into educational pedagogy, assignments, and assessments.

Daiju HoshinoInstructor, Biology, and Department Chair, Life Science Department, Biology, Tarrant County College District


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Tarrant County College District

Daiju Hoshino was born in Japan and spent my life there until the end of high school. To broaden my perspective, I decided to study abroad. I received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Science from the University of Texas at Arlington. When I was a Graduate Teaching Assistant, one of the students told me that I inspired him to seriously pursue science. This led me to make my final decision to be involved in education. After graduating from college, I returned to Japan to work at Shonan Seminar, Inc., which has more than 300 schools throughout Kanagawa prefecture, and is one of the leading education companies there. Through intensive training, experiences and achievements, I was promoted to the highest rank in instruction. I was also involved in starting up a company that provides data analysis to educators and students. To further broaden my capacity to serve a community with education, I moved back to the United States to learn more about higher education and how education can change a community and a country.

While serving as a department chair and an instructor of Biology, I frequently offer workshops to increase the knowledge of technology literacy, pedagogy, assessment, and recently Generative AI (mainly text-to-text) among my colleagues.