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Preconference Seminar Ticket

How to Propose, Prepare, and Carry Out Learning-Science Research at Community Colleges


This Preconference Seminar is designed for community college instructors interested in conducting learning-science research in their classrooms and publishing their findings in an academic journal. By the end of the Preconference Seminar, participants have a solid understanding of the steps involved in proposing, conducting, and publishing learning science research. The Preconference Seminar begins with an overview of basic learning-science research using successful examples conducted at community colleges. Participants learn how to develop a compelling proposal, including identifying funding opportunities, selecting a research topic, developing research questions and hypotheses, ethical research methods, applying for IRB approval, choosing an appropriate venue, data collecting and analysis, and publishing results.

Learning Objectives

  • Generate testable hypotheses and research questions given an informal question of interest.
  • Describe the elements that make up a compelling proposal that is well-aligned with the objectives of a sponsor.
  • Identify appropriate methodologies to answer educational research questions.

Christopher Bogart, System Scientist, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University; Majd Sakr, Professor, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Only registered conference participants can purchase a ticket to attend a preconference seminar. All preconference seminars start at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday and run concurrently.