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Virtual Event

Co-Create and Collaborate: Unlocking Student Potential Through Open Pedagogy

Total Credits: 0.1 CEUs

Dr. Debbie Baker |  Stephanie Green |  Ben Aloe
1 Hour



Join us for an engaging webinar on embracing open pedagogy and co-creating curriculum with your students! This session explores the benefits of an open approach that empowers students as partners in the learning process. When students help shape course assignments and activities, they take greater ownership over their education. Discover ways to collaborate with students to design more authentic assessments, incorporate real-world projects, tap into their passions and skills, and explore the transformative impact of student partnership on engagement and learning outcomes. Learn tips for guiding students through the process of co-creation, handling challenges that arise, and assessing open pedagogy initiatives. Whether you're new to open practices or looking to take student partnership to the next level, you'll leave inspired to invite your students to the table as collaborators. Bring their fresh perspectives into your teaching and watch engagement and learning outcomes improve! 

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the core principles of open pedagogy and list at least two benefits of co-creating curriculum with students.
  • Describe at least three specific strategies for collaborating with students to design assessments, incorporate real-world projects, and tap into student skills and interests. 
  • Identify at least two potential challenges of co-creation and explain techniques for mitigating them.

Certificate and CEUs for Webinars

Learners will have the option to earn a certificate of attendance or a certificate with Continuing Education Units (CEU) upon completion of the webinar. To earn a certificate with CEUs, the learner must successfully pass the learning assessment with a score of 80% or higher. All learners must complete the post-event evaluation to earn credentials. 

The duration of this webinar is one hour, which is equal to 0.1 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). 


Dr. Debbie Baker's Profile

Dr. Debbie Baker Related Seminars and Products

OER Coordinator, Open Maricopa & Instructional Designer, Maricopa Center for Learning and Innovation

Maricopa Community Colleges

Dr. Deboarh Baker is a dedicated educator and trailblazer in the realm of student-centered learning and open pedagogy. With a 28-year tenure in education, Dr. Baker's expertise extends beyond theory to practical implementation, where she has successfully guided educators in incorporating open pedagogy principles. Innovative approaches include designing authentic assessments, integrating real-world projects, and tapping into students' passions and skills to enrich the learning experience.

As the current OER Coordinator for Open Maricopa, Dr. Baker brings a wealth of experience and insight into the transformative power of open pedagogy. Her work has centered on reshaping traditional classroom dynamics by involving students in the co-creation of curriculum, fostering a collaborative and dynamic learning environment.

Stephanie Green's Profile

Stephanie Green Related Seminars and Products

Program Director Food & Nutrition at Phoenix College & Open Maricopa Tri-Chair Maricopa County Community Colleges

Phoenix College

Stephanie Green is a registered dietitian, chef, and culinary nutrition educator. She is the author of The Idiot’s Guide to Optimum Nutrition. She earned her M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from NAU and her B.S. in nutrition from the UT Southwestern Medical Center. She is a full-time faculty member at Phoenix College.

Ben Aloe's Profile

Ben Aloe Related Seminars and Products

Library Faculty

Phoenix College

Ben Aloe is the Instruction Coordinator at the Phoenix College (PC) Fannin Library.  He engages students across a wide variety of disciplines with concepts and skills for research and information literacy.  In addition, he is an advocate for open education and a facilitator of Open Education Resource (OER) and Open Pedagogy projects at Phoenix College since 2014.  As Co-chair of the PC OER Committee, his focus is on promoting open education as a high-impact practice that enriches student learning and success.  Ben earned an MLS and MA in history for Indiana University.