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Implementing Generative AI in Curriculum Design and Student Learning: A Hands-On Workshop (Northeast Mississippi Community College)

Total Credits: .4 Workshop CEU(s)

Timothy Mousel
4 Hours
Northeast Mississippi Community College - Booneville, Mississippi



Are you exploring novel ways to invigorate your curriculum? This workshop introduces the transformative power of generative AI in higher education. Generative AI can create unique content based on trained data, enhancing curriculum design, assignment creation, and student engagement. However, its potential extends beyond tool use, representing a paradigm shift in teaching and learning. This workshop empowers educators to effectively use AI to foster more engaging and personalized learning experiences. Furthermore, integrating AI into teaching enhances educational outcomes and prepares students for a future increasingly influenced by AI technologies. Hands-on activities guide participants through the practical application of generative AI in education. Participate in this workshop to join a vital conversation on the future of education and prepare yourself and your students for the evolving digital age.

By the end of this workshop, participants know or be able to:

  • Articulate the key principles of generative AI and its potential applications in curriculum design, assignment creation, and student learning activities.
  • Demonstrate their ability to craft and refine effective prompts for generating desired outputs from generative AI.
  • Develop and present a lesson plan within a simulated classroom setting, showcasing actionable strategies for integrating generative AI into their teaching.
  • Create a comprehensive action plan with a clear timeline and milestones for implementing generative AI into their teaching, considering ethical implications and potential challenges, with a view towards implementation within the next academic year.

Plans for Audience Participation and Interaction:

This workshop is highly interactive and involves presentations, practical exercises, discussions, and reflective activities.

  • Think, Pair, Share: Participants are introduced to a concept, reflect on it individually, discuss their thoughts with a partner, and then share their insights with the larger group. This activity stimulates thinking about how generative AI can be applied to teaching.
  • Breakout Room Discussions: Participants are divided into smaller groups to discuss specific topics or challenges related to implementing AI into their curriculum.
  • Scenario Analysis: Participants are presented with various scenarios of AI applications in educational settings and work in groups to analyze these scenarios and discuss potential responses and strategies.
  • Classroom Planning Exercise: Participants are tasked with designing a lesson plan incorporating generative AI, share their plan with the group, and receive feedback from peers and the workshop facilitator.
  • Self-Assessments: Participants receive tools to self-assess their understanding of generative AI and its potential applications to their teaching.
  • Five Takeaways: Towards the end of the workshop, participants are asked to identify and write down five key takeaways they plan to implement or share with their colleagues.
  • Action Plan Creation: As a final activity, participants create a detailed action plan outlining how they will implement what they've learned about generative AI into their teaching practice.

Digital Badge, Certificate, and CEUs

All workshop participants can obtain, at no additional cost:

  • A digital badge and certificate that provide a web-enabled, verifiable documentation of your professional learning experience.
  • CEUs, which are awarded by passing the post-workshop learning assessment with a score of 80% or better.


Timothy Mousel's Profile

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Lone Star College-Online

Recognized for his noteworthy contributions to education, Tim Mousel has been honored with the 2022 Lone Star College Online Faculty Excellence Award and the 2023 NISOD Excellence Award. His specialization lies at the intersection of artificial intelligence and education, and he is deeply engaged in this field.

Tim initiated his journey into programming in the late 1990s, and since then, his passion and proficiency have only amplified. Before the advent of ChatGPT, he had already developed two commercial educational tools that use AI to bolster students' learning experiences and achievements.

Beyond his role as a full-time faculty member in the Kinesiology department at LSC-Online and his experience as a developer, Tim is a highly respected speaker. He has imparted his knowledge about AI at several notable events, beginning with AI presentations at the Innovation Symposium, the Lone Star College systemwide Teaching and Learning Conference, and CyFair Power Day. His expertise was also showcased as a presenter and keynote speaker at the AI in Higher Education conference. Further, Tim presented the well-received "AI-Assisted Instructional Design: Creating Engaging and Effective Learning Materials" at NISOD's 2023 International Conference on Teaching and Leadership Excellence, reinforcing his expertise.



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Northeast Mississippi Community College

Frank Haney Union-Claude Wright Room, 101 Cunningham Road, Booneville, Mississippi 38829, United States


Preliminary Schedule
Friday, October 4, 2024
10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Workshop
12:00 – 12:30 p.m. Lunch provided by NISOD.
Venue Address

Northeast Mississippi Community College
Frank Haney Union - Claude Wright Room
101 Cunningham Road
Booneville, MS 38829

Campus Map